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Pattaya Secrets Hotel

For those who love the night life on Walking Street then Pattaya Secrets is the place to stay. The staff are friendly and most speak some English. The room rates are affordable being less than 1,000 baht per night. The rooms are large and clean.



Pattaya Secrets Hotel is located in Pattaya Soi 14 which runs between Walking Street and Second Road in South Pattaya. For clarification on the location of the hotel please view the map at the bottom of this page.The hotel is right in the center of all the hot spots around the Walking Street area. One popular spot is Angel Witch that runs a series of about 15 to 20 semi choreographed classy shows every night starting at around 10:00 pm.

Pattaya Secrets Hotel Soi 14 a narrow soi.

Hotel Access

Access to the Pattaya Secrets Hotel is a little awkward because the Soi is very narrow and difficult to drive a car down the soi. In fact it is almost impossible to access the hotel by car from Walking Street.

This is particularly so in the evenings when there is a continuous line of motorbikes parked up beside the building that runs from Walking Street to the front boundary of Pattaya Secrets.

That said it is not a long walk from Walking Street only about 50 meters. If arriving by car or taxi in the evening you will not be able to use the Walking Street entrance to Soi 14 because as the name suggests Walking Street is closed to traffic from 18:00 till 01:00.

You will need to use the Second Road entrance to Soi 14. In this case you must access Soi 14 from Soi 15 because Soi 14 is one way into Second Road. The taxi might want to let you off at the intersection of Soi 15 and Soi 14 so that he can continue to drive back to second road via Soi 14. It is not far to walk to the hotel from that intersection where the "Cats Corner Bar" is located. It's around 20 meters.

The taxi could drive through to the front entrance of Secrets to let you off. Then the driver could reverse into the small lane that runs along the side of the hotel, turn the car around and continue to Second Road via Soi 14.

If you take a motorbike taxi it will be able drop you right at the front door of Pattaya Secrets Hotel.

The Hotel Floors

The hotel has four floors including the ground floor. The ground floor features a well laid out cosy night club style bar. The reception area is located in a separate room to the left of the main bar. There are three floors of accommodation.

If you choose to stay on the top floor you might find the stairs a bit daunting after a hard night out. That's right Secrets Pattaya has no lift (elevator).

Also be careful when descending the stairs because they are quite narrow and steep. See the picture at the right.

There is a support rail provided so make sure you keep a hand on it as you are going down the stairs.

The hallways are wide with smoke detectors and emergency lights installed. There is also a security camera on each floor.

You can reserve a Room HERE

Pattaya Secrets Hotel steep narrow stairs

Any visitors to the accommodation section will have to pass the scrutiny of the receptionist on the way in.

Adorning the hallways you will notice nicely framed posters of stars from the sixties such as Marilyn Monroe and the Beatles.

Pattaya Secrets Beatles Poster in hallway


The in house telephone system provides a line to your room. Friends calling your room from outside the hotel will have to pass through the receptionist. So if you need to stay in contact with friends through this telephone system make sure you tell them your room number. Also keep one of the Pattaya Secrets Hotel cards in your pocket in case you forget your way back to the hotel.

Inside The Hotel Rooms

The rooms are high class with great interior design. The bed coverings are traditional Thai patterns. The seating is a bit sparse just one seat.

There is a safe in the wardrobe. Access to the safe is by self Inserted code.You will be able to safely store your laptop away in this safe.

To go with your laptop is free WiFi internet service.

The room has a quality wood dressing bench with large mirror. This can also be used as a desk for your computer.

If you get time to watch TV you will have plenty of channels to choose from the cable TV service in each room.

The bathrooms have plenty of hot water with ample pressure and are thoughtfully tiled in designer style pattern. The sink is inserted in a granite surround with luxury tap fittings.

Secrets Night Club

Secrets Nightclub is attached to the hotel and occupies the entire ground floor except for the small office at the front. The well appointed bar is located in the center of the night club area and there are comfortable lounge style booths around the perimeter of the inside area. The nightclub features a professional DJ and lots of very pretty Thai hostesses. The nightclub caters to couples and singles. For an insight to the Pattaya night life download this Pattaya nightlife guide. Here is the map for Pattaya Secrets location. Secrets Pattaya Map

Follow this link for more information about Pattaya Secrets

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Pattaya Secrets hotel sign Soi 14.

Tips About Pattaya Nightlife

You have probably done some research to find good accommodation at the right price and suitable location for your stay in Pattaya. Likewise you are highly advised to put some effort into researching the nightlife in Pattaya. Pattaya is like no other city in the world.

Imagine you have arrived at the hotel that you researched thoroughly to make sure it has everything that you need. Your research has paid off. The hotel is great and now you are ready for the Pattaya nightlife. Or are you?

Perhaps friends have told you some about the nightlife. But how much experience have they had? How deep into the culture did they dig to find the truth about the Pattaya nightlife and the bar scene?

How many different issues were they confronted with? A few tips from travelers can be helpful but to really get to know the ropes you would need to spend a lot of time and make many silly mistakes that could cost you a substantial amount of money.

In Pattaya Bar Girls Report Bill Williams discusses how to deal with more than 100 issues that you could be confronted with in this nightlife scene and how to turn your visit into an unforgettable life changing adventure.

If you decide to read this report before visiting Pattaya it will be one of the best decisions you have made all year. Even if you have visited Pattaya before you will still learn lots from this informative ebook.

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