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Reverse Charge Calls From Thailand

You are an Australian travelling in Thailand. You have lost your credit card, run out of cash and you are wondering "How do I make a reverse charge call to Australia?"
Most banking institutions have a special emergency telephone number that you can call if you are traveling overseas and need to contact them.

Credit cards usually have a contact telephone number printed on the back of the card that you can call from overseas. Some of these institutions offer a free call service but you should check that this is so with your institution before leaving your country. It is a good idea to record that number on your mobile phone contacts list or jot it down on a piece of paper or card and keep it somewhere safe.

You might find yourself needing to make a call to Australia for whatever reason but just don't have access to funds to pay for the call. Alternatively you just might want to save a few hard earned dollars.

Reverse charge calls to Australia can easily be made from any mobile phone or landline in Thailand. All you need to do is call the Australian Reverse Charge Services number to make your call.

Bill Wiliams, the author of Pattaya Bar Girls Report gave me this number which I have used several times. Here is the number you can call to make a reverse charge call from Thailand to Australia. 001 999 61 1000

When you are making a call to the reverse charges service number make sure you have the telephone number you want to call in sight so that you can quickly tell the operator when prompted.

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